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Discai's AML reveals disguised money transactions

Uncover disguised
money transactions

AI-based Anti-Money Laundering software detects significantly more suspicious behaviour

Your Anti-Money Laundering (AML) actions, and the associated results, can have a strong influence on your organisation at a financial level. It is also possible that they impact your personal liability and your organisation’s reputation. But there is a new way to take action: Discai’s AI-based solution uses more nets with finer, highly focused meshes. It takes out the need to manually sift through data, the efficiency of which is highly dependent on the expertise of individuals. Discai’s AML is a scalable cloud based solution.


Add smartness to your fight against financial crime

Significantly elevating the average hit rate compared to traditional AML programming.

traditional programming versus artificial intelligence


A new standard in AML

Machine learning models combine better detection capabilities for increased effectiveness and higher efficiency with lower false positive rates. Discai’s Know Your Transaction (KYT) AML promises:

More money laundering detected
Higher efficiency

Discai KYT AML offers:

  • Compliance with regulatory developments, and even being one step ahead of them
  • Transparent and predictable pricing, upgrades and support included
  • Standardised interface, integrating business and technical
  • Optimised resources, putting scarce resources where they really matter
Find out how Discai can keep this promise
A new standard in AML Machine learning models


Powerful adaptive machine learning models

Automated control processes

Known and new suspicious behaviour will be spotted automatically, even in the most complex patterns.

Maximised efficiency

Prioritising of alerts, based on automated client scoring, using blended models and an explainable audit trail.


Combining internal Know Your Customer (KYC), transaction history and external data sources.

Ongoing adaptiveness

Adaptive machine learning applications get smarter every day, thus improving your experience.

All in accordance with strict privacy standards.

KBC group

Powered by KBC

With proven results from a dedicated AI workforce of more than 100 employees, KBC’s outstanding technology increases efficiency and effectiveness. KBC applications offer high-performance and innovative solutions to technological and regulatory challenges.


IT services: Standardised interface

A stable, well documented interface accelerates integration:

  • A comprehensive, well-documented data model provides insight into the data required by the KYT AML solution
  • The interface enables efficient integration from both a business content and technical perspective
  • Optional elements allow specific client data to be factored into the scoring information, which can then be exchanged easily as a set of well-structured files in CSV format
  • Our priority is to make any interface changes as backward compatible as possible
A stable, well documented interface accelerating integration

Generic model

Proven track record for deployment and responsive support

Proven deployment track record and responsive support

Generic model

  • Our own team of more than 100 data scientists
  • Scalable cloud-based solution
  • Modular offer with more than 4000 features available
  • Developed with market trends and client requirements in mind
  • 4 to 6 weeks client model training with annual retraining included as standard
  • Proof of concept available
Proven deployment track record and responsive support


  • Connect in a solid and open ICT architecture
  • Integration based on standardised playbooks
  • Documented data and interface requirements
  • Sharing best practice for data preparation, required data quality and case history
  • Integration of optional modules
  • Partnership with leading integrator KPMG
  • Successful onboarding track record across multiple countries
Proven deployment track record and responsive support

Ongoing Support

  • Operational, tactical and strategic support from a local helpdesk
  • Support from innovation, domain and integration experts
  • Clear commitments concerning Change, Release and Incident Management
  • Rigorous application of Data Security and Privacy requirements
  • Continuous updates to meet the latest regulatory requirements
  • Suite of data-driven services available


AML has a predictable pricing model

  • Transparent, easy and clear pricing
  • Continuous annual upgrades included in the license fee
  • Pricing based on a fixed fee, number of active customers, modular choices made by the client
  • Lessen the load through Cloud based solutions (Application Management, hosting, scalability, etc.)
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The yearly fee of our AI AML solution
front page of Discai's KYT AML solution leaflet


All about Discai's AML, short and sweet

Download leaflet


Today, Discai’s KYT AML is up and running in several European

Its efficiency in catching money launderers internationally
proves that its unbeatable mix of domain and technology
expertise has passed the highest legal, compliance and risk

# of Discai AML-screened clients:

Amount of clients worldwide scanned by Discai's KYT AML solution

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