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Discai integrates smart into your fin tools

Integrate smart
into your fin tools

Upgrade to new fintech standards
with proven AI solutions

Discover the AML solution

AI-based solutions with a proven track record

Currently, a great deal of time and effort goes into keeping up to pace with technological and regulatory developments. Discai can rid financial institutions of the burden of dealing with these challenges so they can focus on what they are really good at: banking, providing financial services, and growing the economy.

High reliability

Maximum reliability

The trial-and-error stage has been passed a long time ago and our solutions are well into a tried-and-true real-life working environment

Discai has more than 100 in-house experts

+100 in-house experts

More than 100 data scientists are continuously working on expanding our solutions. They improve our software by upgrading, tweaking and taking your suggestions into account.

Effectivity and efficiency through intelligence

Getting more out of AI

The more data our machine learning models process, the better they get. Adding intelligence provides even more effectiveness and efficiency.

KPMG and Discai, a regulatory powerhouse

Financial legislation compliance

Not only is our technology outstanding, the people implementing the solution are as well. KPMG has the financial background that makes our partnership a regulatory powerhouse.

Discai has a steadfast backer in KBC Group

A steadfast backer

The unshakable bond with KBC ensures our longevity as a trusted software partner.

Discai provides only the best quality

The highest quality

Built for ourselves with the highest quality standards in mind, our solutions are in a class of their own.

Trusted by


Accelerated by

Discai provides smart AI solutions

Initiating a smart fight against financial crime

From the many in-house developed AI solutions, Discai chose to prioritise the Anti-Money Laundering solution (AML). This AI-based AML will empower fellow financial institutions in their fight against financial crime – one of the prime issues in finance today.

  • Increased detection capabilities
  • Powerful adaptive machine learning models
  • Decreased workload and cost
Find out about Discai’s AML
Discai rewrites financial with AI

Discai rewrites financial with AI

Discai is KBC’s independent subsidiary for the commercialisation of its innovative AI applications, which have been developed in-house. With this Bank/Insurance-as-a-Service, Discai wants to share its award-winning technology with other companies and organisations so they can focus on their core business.

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